What Board Floats Your Boat? Or Body. 

The Surf City Surf School has decades of experience. We mention that on our rentals page, because if you come to us and have never surfed, we want to supply you with equipment you can manage and succeed in riding. If you'd like to try your hand at shredding without a lesson, we've got affordable, user friendly boards for every size and shape of new surfer. Below you'll find a list of what we can put under your feet for hourly, daily or weekly rentals. Don't like your first choice, or want more of a challenge? No problem, just scoot the board back over to the shop and switch it out for no additional cost. No vehicle? Pish posh! We'll deliver that bad boy to your doorstep! 

A Quick Guide to Board Choice:

If you're a first time surfer, think - bigger is better. The longer, wider and thicker a board is constructed, the easier it will be to ride a wave. As you progress and begin to master the art of the "pop-up," then gradually make your way to smaller equipment. In most cases, we suggest beginning with a longboard, which ranges between 8 and 10 feet. If the board is 2-3 feet taller than you, that's a good thing! You'll soon find during your first session, standing and riding a wave is far easier than paddling and catching a wave; so again, the more volume a board has, the more simple it is to catch a wave. Practice makes perfect, our friends, so don't get discouraged and expect plenty of good ole' fashioned wipeouts! 

Our Rental Quiver: 

9'6 Paddleboard (ocean or waterway)

  • The most user-friendly paddleboard on earth! Lightweight, durable and easy to carry with its built-in handle. All SCSS paddleboard rentals come with a safety and overview tutorial, the board, leash, paddle, and life jacket. All you need! 

9'0 Longboard 

  • The ultimate T.I. wave-catcher! Plenty of volume, which makes paddling all the easier. This traditional, 3-fin longboard is ideal for mastering what you've learned during a lesson, or giving it your best, first try! Perfect for kids and adults alike, soft texture to protect your noggin, and of course your lifeline leash in case you get a WIPE OUT!! 

7'0 and 8'0 Fun Boards

  • This board is our go-to board for the kiddos, or for new surfers wanting a more challenging experience than the 9'0. This stick is easy to tote, easy to control in the water and a wonderful way to practice turns and changing directions on the wave. If you've never surfed, or you've caught a few already, this gem is right up your alley. 

4'10-6'0 Shortboards

  • Our soft top short boards are a fun segue into fine tuning skills and inching your way towards a fiberglass board. These little gems are great for charging shore break, putting some extra volume under your chest while on the water, or just playing on smaller waves. Pick a size and go shred!



4 Hours - $15

Full Day - $25

Week - $80 


4 Hours - $25

Full Day - $50

Week - $125