If 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater says he's still learning, than so can all surfers! Our Advanced Lessons are the next step in your life as a shredder, and like Kelly said, there is always more to learn and further build on in wave riding. 

After any Beginner Lesson, Advanced Lessons are the next step with the Surf City Surf School. We start at the very basics and move upwards from there. Still trying to master the "pop-up" technique and catch your own waves, we're here for ya with Advanced or repeat lessons. Curious about equipment and want to sample something new with a professional? We can provide the skills to move you to the next stage and board. Interested in competing? With National, Regional and Area surfing titles, we have the team to breakdown precisely how surfing contests work, as well as train, coach and prepare you for your next event. 

The idea behind our Advanced Lessons is to continue teaching the art of wave riding. Waves never cease and no two rides are alike, so there is always more to learn. We've worked with some students for years, helping critique their techniques, find the most suitable equipment, meet their competition goals and many, many other facets of surfing beyond your first wave, even if it's just catching the second one!

During Advanced Lessons we spend a full hour working with you IN the water. Some lessons or classes vary if you're interested in the physics of waves, boards or various other fields, but the base is in the water, catching waves and putting yourself in the best position. We want to share our expertise and we get just as excited witnessing you excel. 


$60 - Per Student