As Topsail Island's Only Surf School, we're in the business of making happy humans, happier surfers.

 What're ya wading for?! Jump on a board with us!

Our Daily Surf Lessons are designed to get you and your surfing compadres schooled on shredding and out there catching your first ride! Our fun and professional instructors teach new students about what's going on around us in the ocean, the equipment we use, how to properly "pop-up," and how best to exercise safety in the water. Lessons are at 9AM and Noon, Monday-Sunday. Gather your friends and family, or if you're a Lone Ranger and want to join some other new surfers, we can set you up with like-company. Simply call, text, or book online to reserve your spot, then cruise by the shop 15-minutes before start time and let the shredding begin on the hour! 

Daily Surf Lessons

Private Beginner Lessons are a great way to learn the sport of surfing with Surf City Surf School. We design our Private Lessons around the comfortability of our students and go through the entire lesson at your pace. For those who prefer a more personal, immersive surfing experience, a private lesson may be right up your alley. We cover a lot of info on tides, winds, waves, boards, technique and safety, so bring your number 2 pencils for the test at the end!  And bring your shakas to accompany all the radical rides, which are always guaranteed with the SCSS! We work around you, so just call, text or email to schedule tour Private Lesson.

Private Beginner Lessons

 Surf City Surf School has all the boards you could muster for shredding. Sizes range from 4 feet to 10 feet, making sure you have the best board for the best success rate in the water. We provide half-day, full-day and weeklong rentals with delivery and pick-up available. The options are aplenty, so let's get the perfect board for you to glide over Topsail's waves, and if you want a new challenge, you can always switch out board at no extra cost.