What're Ya Wading For?! Jump On A Board With Us!

Surf City Surf School, owned and operated by island native and surfing guru Cody Leutgens, is here to serve Topsail Island with professional surf instruction for any age or ability, from toddlers to grandparents! During group or private lessons, we pride ourselves in safety, ocean knowledge and, of course, SURFING! Located in the heart of Surf City, we are the only surf school on all of Topsail's 26 miles.

Truth is, we LOVE our jobs. Why? Well, there's a great deal of reasons; but at the core, our job ultimately breaks down into making people stoked. What's "stoke" you ask? Ever get that feeling inside that makes you scream for no definitive reason? Or, you innately high-five someone? Perhaps a double fist pump? That, our friends, is stoke, and we love to spread it around. 

Our list of new surfers not only grows, but is a list we're proud of and revisit in conversation, photographs and memories. Name an occupation and we've taught them to shred - engineers, musicians, actors, teachers, retirees, and even astronauts. Every skill level, any individual, anyone and everyone! One of our favorite statements comes in meeting someone or a family that says they'll never be able to surf. Challenge accepted! With our ever-growing number of students, we remain at a 100% success rate in instruction, and we take pride in that fact. 

We believe in the healing power of the ocean. There's truly something special in riding the earth's natural energy; you'll believe when you try it! That's why we do our best to encourage others and, again, spread that joy we hold so dear. We love to volunteer our time, expertise and equipment. If you've got a family member, friend, organization or community project that you believe could benefit from the ocean and riding waves, PLEASE give us a hoot, we'd love to help. Our experiences with assisting other groups like Surfer's Healing, the area community and schools, as well as facilitating our own Cowabunga Surf Retreat, continues to remind us of the importance and raw power in the sea. 

The reasons, the drive, the inner sources behind Surf City Surf School go on. And on. There's no cap, nor top to why we love to teach surfing. However, if you wanna give us a call, we'd love to tell ya about it. Or better yet, let's get you on a board! 

In short, we exist so you can ride waves.